Bela Vista Biological

The Biological Refuge is summarized in a biological tour. With several species of wild animals that are reproduced in captivity. This site is one of the greatest examples of environmental conservation which is part of the tourist circuit of Itaipu, using alternative sources of energy in all buildings that were built with the principles of sustainable architecture.

The tour is done on the trails of the forest, in captivity where you can find snakes, capuchin monkeys, capybaras, opossums, birds and main star: jaguar which is one of the city's most striking animals.

To know the attractions of the area, tourists have the option to go four tracks with different purposes. The tour is done with expert guides, with several themed itineraries involving environmental education lessons. The most visited is the Animal Trail, where you can observe the local fauna animals such as jaguar, monkey, alligator and turtle. The species are loose in environments large and comfortable, a spread of traditional cages of zoos. The environment consists of 44 species of animal 133. The retreat is organized as natural habitat and provides to the breeding of some wild species.

Hours of Operation:

Only by appointment: 8am, 9am and 10am in the morning / Afternoon in the following schedule: 14h, 15h and 15h30.

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