The Center for Advanced Studies Conscientiology (ceaec) is a research organization comprised of a multidisciplinary team, comprised of doctors, psychologists, engineers, architects, administrators, physicists, journalists, teachers, and other professionals respected in Foz do Iguaçu. His eclectic body, together with the production of knowledge and structure, has attracted the attention of the scientific community in several countries.The challenge is to transform the ceaec an international center for research, education and extension, back to the study of consciousness and its evolution into a compulsory tourists.He stands at the entrance to his compound, located in the rural area of R03;R03;Foz do Iguaçu. The area has no less than 161,000 meters square, occupied by 16 research laboratories conscienlial, accommodation, dining and even a path with busts of major personalities who have contributed to human evolution.service:CEAEC-Centre for Advanced Studies ConscientiologyAddress: Rua da Cosmoethics, 11 (near the head Boi Campestre)Phone: (045) 3525-2652Open to the public, with visits scheduled in advance.

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