Luau Falls in Argentina

The Luau at the Falls of Argentina will mark your life. After all, any time more romantic and exciting than this?The Falls of Argentina, as well as the Brazilian Falls, part of one of the most beautiful landscapes and exciting world. And Foz do Iguaçu is the only place in Brazil, which allows as fast access to the Falls of Argentina.The tour of the falls from Argentina Luau is a must. During the walk the trails you can see the rainbow and silver only hear the sound of nature. The visit takes place during a full moon. It is a romantic version of the jumps, which turn into silvery gorgeous setting.The full moon night, the glow of massive waterfalls and ambience of nature are the protagonists of this nocturnal journey to the Iguaçu National Park.It is without a shadow of a doubt a marvel of nature!

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