Macuco Safari in Foz do Iguacu

For those seeking adventure, Macuco Safari in Foz do Iguacu is a great option!What about admiring the falls from a different angle? Who is up for the challenge strong emotions in a daring navigating the Iguaçu River, which takes tourists within five meters of the falls of Iguazu Falls. It's great!Light inflatable boats tear through the rapids upriver in search of beautiful landscapes and unusual visual Falls. From there you can see them below.The adventure begins on land, on the banks of the highway that cuts through the Iguazu National Park and ends at the gazebo heels. The asphalt is back at Km 25. From there a jeep electric nonpolluting takes visitors to the river through a track. The two-mile, made amid native forest reserves surprises like orchids and palm-jussara, supplier of palm tasty. The last 600 meters before reaching the Iguaçu are made on foot.

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