Three Borders Landmark

To mark a boundary geographically Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) with the neighboring cities of Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) and Puerto Franco (Paraguay), was built in each city an obelisk symbol of equality, complementarity and respect between the three nations. The Brazilian landmark, built in stone and cement and painted with the national colors, establishes the territorial boundary and sovereignty of Brazil with Argentina and Paraguay.

Located six miles from downtown, the Marco Brazil was opened in July 20, 1903, through a Strategic Commission of the two countries. The site visit is marked by beautiful pine over one thousand meters that separate the landmark of Av. General Meira.

The site has parking, cafeteria, craft shop, playground and a gazebo, where visitors have the opportunity to observe the three countries, each of which has its Marco and their national colors. Here it is also possible to observe the meeting of the waters of the Iguazu River with the Rio Paraná.

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