Wanda Mines

The Wanda Mines are close to Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, about 45 km from the border to Foz do Iguaçu. The mines are mines of precious stones for easy access, but seen by few. Knowing cut the stones and follow the extraction process in the open is a rare experience. They say that while walking through the mines, you strengthens and renews energy. This is because the environment is surrounded by natural sources outside the Paraná River and near the Iguazu Falls.

There are five mines that obscure the eyes of tourists who make the trip on foot. There you can find emeralds, rubies, amethysts, agates, topaz (yellow, blue, brown), pink rhinestones, crystal Venus, water-amarinha, among other species. The set has no less than 52 varieties.

Besides the brilliance of the stones, the tourist circuit offers the possibility to follow the cut of the stones. A collection of local species is exposed at the Museum of Stones. The park is home to specialty shops where you can buy raw samples or processed.

Hours of Operation:

Every day between 8am and 18:30

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