Enjoy a beautiful walk by the Itaipu LakeThe charms of the Itaipu Lake can now be contemplated by tourists and locals a memorable boat ride. The Kattamaram combines comfort and refinement for a memorable journey through the beauty of the reservoir of the world's largest hydroelectric power generation.Equipped with complete infrastructure, the vessel has, covered deck, American bar and solarium. All to ensure a quiet trip by one of the postcards of the Triple Frontier (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) and the municipalities of the Paths of the Integrated Tourism Lake Itaipu.The Kattamaram offers several tour options for you to see, feel and experience the giant Itaipu Lake. The itineraries have Kattamaram essential to know the beauties of the largest hydroelectric reservoir in power generation, but also develops special circuits the request of closed groups of passengers. The inaugural script has as its point of departure the artificial beach in Três Lagoas, in Foz do Iguaçu. The ship sails for a few miles to the artificial beach of St. Therese of Itaipu and then follows up the impressive Itaipu dam, which is 7760 meters long and "une" Brazil and Paraguay. The boat has also another special outing for a light show on the nights of Friday and Saturday. The Kattamaram takes passengers to see the lighting of the dam. From another angle, the show illuminates the plant gets even more fabulous. It is a privileged view of enlightenment - dynamic and unique of its kind in the world.

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